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Kibbutz Programme

Friends of Israel & KPC a partnership of 15 years.
The Kibbutz Program Center

After the Six-Day War in 1967, a wave of volunteers from all over the world began arriving in Israel. Their intentions were to show their goodwill towards the State of Israel and the Israeli People, by becoming kibbutz volunteers.

The notion of a kibbutz community carrying out the true principles of a socialistic society, having all work, property and profit equally shared by its members, intrigued the volunteers. The will to become part of this

unique community grew stronger among the foreigners. Within short time, thousands of volunteers were arriving annually in Israel for the purpose of becoming kibbutz volunteers. Thus, the need for a department that could center all the organizational work surrounding the kibbutz volunteers was created.

Throughout the years, the Volunteers Department has gone through some evolutional stages. Today, the Kibbutz Program Center of the United Kibbutz Movement and the Kibbutz Haartzi is the office officially representing all the about 250 kibbutzes spread throughout the country of Israel. The Kibbutz Program Center is responsible for their volunteers, and provides them with any help they might need from the moment they arrive until they leave the kibbutz.

Since 1967 more than one hundred thousand kibbutz volunteers have arrived in Israel. Moreover, the number is still growing. As the volunteers contribute to the needs of the kibbutz, the kibbutz offers in return an exciting and unique working holiday experience. A holiday with the possibility to meet, live and work with both Israeli youngsters as well as with other kibbutz volunteers from countries and cultures from far and near.

At The Kibbutz Program Center at 6 Frishman St., phone: 972-3-524-6154/6, the staff is always available and willing to answer any questions and/or request that the volunteers might have. Their primary target is to create the perfect match between volunteers and kibbutzes thereby creating a situation where both benefit from each other.


Friends Of Israel Is The Sole Representative Of Kibbutz Program Centre  In India & Has Till Now Sent 900 Volunteers Since 1998.

FAQ :  Questions and Answers for the Kibbutz Program Center 

Q: How do I apply for the volunteer program?

A: First make sure that you fit the criteria stated on the info sheet; Second, you fill in the registration form and attach all the necessary documents; Third, you receive from the KPC office an answer that your volunteer visa has been approved by the interior office; Forth you buy the flight ticket; Fifth and last, following a short interview upon your arrival to the KPC's office in Tel Aviv, you will be placed in a kibbutz.
Q: How do I get to your office from the airport?
First possibility: Take internal bus no. 5 (3 floor in the airport terminal) to bus no. 475 to Tel Aviv central bus station. From there take bus no. 4 to Ben Yehuda ST and ask for Frishman St.Second possibility (recommended): From the Airport terminal take the train to Tel Aviv Central Train Station (the SAVIDOR – ARLOZOROV station).   From there take bus no 10  to Tel Aviv, get off at Frishamn st , corner of Ben Yehuda st.. 

Our office is open from 8:30 to 14:30, so, if you arrive in the afternoon or in the weekends (Friday and Saturday) and will have to spend the night in Tel Aviv, take the same bus to Tel Aviv and book in to a hostel. Then come to our office the following morning or Sunday morning. Remember that our weekend is Friday and Saturday and that Sunday is a regular weekday with regular office hours.
Q: Can you recommend a nice hostel?
Hayarkon 48 Hostel
48 Hayarkon St
Tel Aviv
TEL: 972-3 5168989
FAX: 972-3 5103113

Momo’s Hostel
28 Ben yehuda St.
Tel Aviv
Tel: 972-3- 5287471

Sky Hostel
34 Ben Yehuda St.
Tel Aviv
Tel: 972-3-6200044

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