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In what we can say that our society is not a typical wine and dine society. We have a commitment to help the underprivileged section of the society helping the children of lesser God, helping our military who risk their lives so that we can relish peace.

Keeping this in mind we have formed this society. The committee members of  the society  are as under:
1. Nikitin Contractor (An  Academician and land lord. He loves Israel and have visited 10 times)
2. Pradeep Joshi ( Bank Manager  and former Muncipal Counsellor)
3. Ila Pandya ( An Academician – She is Faculty at Faculty of Social Work, MSU)
4. Srinivas Solapurkar – ( A Naturopath doctor and Yoga Expert also taught Yoga to Israel army)
5. Ashit Joshi – (A chemical Trader and Organic farmer)
6. Dr. Sheila Pandit – ( A professional Social Worker based at USA)
7. Lopa Patel -  (  A health care specialist based at USA)
8. Neha Chauhan - ( Works with a bank in UK )
9. Ankur Singhal – ( A professional retail manager & chef  based at UK, he has been a volunteer in Israel)
10. Dr. Muni Mehta – ( A academician  and scientist awarded with Padmadshree by Government of India for his work in eco-agriculture. He has also visited Israel couple of times)
11. Abi Ali – ( A Kibbutz volunteer in 2000 now works for British Airways in London)
12. Dhrupad Bhatt ( he was a volunteer, then worked & studied in England is presently into academics)
13. Rajesh Dani  - ( Organic product shop owner and has worked with Divya Bhaskar)
14. Dhiren Kanojia : A volunteer at Tzelim in Israel now a web designer in London.
15. Chanchal Banga ( Artiste settled in Israel)
16. Dinesh Singh ( Farmer from Dungarpur now in Israel)
The beauty is that there are no office bearers in the society all are just FRIENDS OF ISRAEL
Last but not the least our commitment is  COEXISTENCE  We do not discriminate anyone.

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