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Sunita Sharma
Volunteered at Israel then worked as Holiday Maker in UK. Now settled  in  Australia as  Software Programmer. Her hallmark simple but sharp.
Utpal Borah
An outstanding volunteer who volunteered at Israel, Ireland, UK, US and now He also completed his study in USA. Now he is Sergeant with US army
Vicky Shah
A brilliant Finance Analyst with J.P. Morgan in  New York. He was brilliant while working at Kibbutz Charuv.
Subal Ghosh
A chef by profession at Surya Palace. He is very helpful person. I credit him with the Festival of Indian food at Kibbutz Elrom.
Jayesh Parekh
He has been at Israel twice and the only volunteer who learned HEBREW.
Dhrupad Bhatt
This young man has completed his Master’s in Business Administration at East London University. He has worked in UK. He has also volunteered in Israel. He would be of immense help to all in Rajkot & adjoining areas
Dhiren Kanojiya
A web- designer par-excellence. A volunteer par-excellence. Now working in UK
Janet Christian
A true social worker. A volunteer in Israel, then UK, then Canada. She has dedicated her entire life to helping the people with special needs.
Sayali Mahadik
A student of Agriculture & has special skills to work in this field. She has volunteered in Israel & strives to help students. She is based in Pune.
Jimmy Meghani
A brilliant student. He volunteered at Yahel then worked in London  then again studied at Brighton University. I call him P. Chimdambaram of future... is it a compliment or not one may decide on each side of fence you are in…
Hasmukh Vasava
He has volunteered  twice in Israel, he has made helping the children of lesser GOD his passion and by starting his own organization to help the mentally challenged,
Bhavesh Patel
Volunteered twice in Israel Now working for diamond company back home.
Ankur Singhal
A hardcore Hotel Management person but has extensive knowledge in Economics, Sociology, Politics & Culture. He was our volunteer in Israel & is now based in London he is our self-less supporter.
Daxesh Patel
Rarely you find someone who volunteered in Israel also worked in Jordan with VCS and also volunteered in Zambia, then worked in UK and now has his own Coleman franchise.
Siddharth Dave
A genius amongst  the  all  900  volunteers. A post graduate in Journalism and has also been to Japan as a scholar. He  has travelled across the globe. He is our hero
Amit Rathod
He volunteered at Kibbutz Ramat Meronde, then he worked in England, Studied in England. He has also went for a exchange program to Poland.
Abi Ali
Abi volunteered at Kibbutz Tzelim then went to UK & is now working for British Airways.
Abu Bakr
One of the most hard working volunteer at Kibbutz Yahel. He has used his stay to be entrepreneur and now has his own transport business.
Lopa Patel
The youngest in the team. At a very young age she has been to Israel & France & in USA she completed her study. She is very strong & committed I have personally seen her working as a Volunteer in Israel & I am proud that she is a daughter to me. (Nikitin Contractor)
Neha Chauhan
(In her own words) 
It's been an honour to know Mr. Nikitin Contractor and be the part of Friends of Israel - A Global Youth Development Programme. I volunteered at Kibbutz in Israel back in 2000 :) .I enjoyed working for the community, work hard for a goal,meeting people from all over the world and to learn about their culture. We are working on sending volunteers not only to Israel, but also to the UK, Ireland or Canada. It is economical( unique) and does help one for personal development, gain confidence and enrich the CV, one of the best life experience. As M.G. said: The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others :)
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